Quality Assurance

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Helping you deliver amazing products.

A key driver of high-quality products is solid quality testing and management capabilities. What would be the point of developing products if it did not work? We work with small, medium and Fortune 100 companies to deliver solid Quality Assurance operations they need to deliver quality products to their users.

High flying Quality Assurance professionals.

Brookside Resources is a leader in developing highly effective Quality Assurance solutions that empower countless clients to maintain a competitive edge in their market.

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Performance Testing.


  • Apache JMeter
  • Compuware QALoad
  • Mercury LoadRunner
  • Mercury astra Load Test


  • Performance Benchmarking, Tuning and Diagnostic testing
  • Penetration & Vulnerability Testing
  • Load and Stress Testing
  • Failover and Resilience Testing
  • Soak and Reliability Testing
  • Spike and Synchronization Testing
  • Application Performance Monitoring
  • Network Bandwidth Verification

Functional Testing.


  • Borland Silk Test
  • Mercury Quicktest Pro
  • Comuware QARun
  • WebTest
  • FitNesse
  • AdventNet QEngine
  • TestComplete
  • RFT


  • Early flaw detection
  • Quick and thorough testing using advanced automation tools
  • Reduction in testing cycles
  • Reduction in product testing costs
performance benchmarking, turning, diagnostic. testing, failover resilience, soak, reliability

Unit Testing.


  • SQLUnit
  • JUnit
  • J2MEUnit
  • NUnit
  • BREW Grinder

Compatibility Testing.


  • Hardware configurations
  • Different network environments
  • Operating Systems / Platforms
  • Computer peripherals like USBs, zip drives, Printers etc.
  • Use of latest versions of third-party software like Firewalls, Browsers, Network, multimedia plug-ins etc.
borland silk, mecury quicktest pro, comuware qarun, webtest, fitnesse, watir, adventnet qengine, testcomplete, rft
whitebox testing, path coverage, code analysis, code coverage

White Box Testing.


  • Path Coverage
  • Code Analysis
  • Code Coverage

Security Testing.


  • Risk detection
  • Application vulnerability assessment
security testing, risk detection, application vulnerability assessment

User Acceptance Testing.


  • Security
  • Usability
  • Performance
  • Accessibility
  • Automation
  • Regression
  • Localization