About Us

Welcome To Brookside Resources LLC.

Talent, trust and partnership is everything. At Brookside Resources our work is built upon these principles. Our approach is different. We don’t treat you like a number. We treat you like a partner. Our subject matter experts will work with you to help define your requirements so you have a clear vision of your needs and you can make optimal decisions. We will help you build solutions that exhibit a strong understanding of your users, business structure, clients, and long term goals.


We Provide Exclusive Service For Your Business


We have the largest pool of consulting experts outside of the application providers themselves.

App Development

We build user focused and business driven mobile and web applications.

IT Security

Our dynamic team of IT security professionals is seasoned, weathered, and ready to trek your summit.


Our deeply rooted engineering practice is composed of exceptional talent who has worked across diverse industries and who specialize in the most advanced technology.

Without information technology and system support, businesses simply stop!