SAP Security and GRC


We offer a wide variety of SAP Security and Governance, Risk, and Compliance services. From highly specialized and newer Neatweaver modules, to standard R/3—Brookside Resources is a one stop shop for all your security, and compliance needs.

Our successful track record of deployments vary in scope and magnitude. Our services include first rate consulting for new implementations, new and on-going projects, upgrades, or simply production support maintenance. We offer SAP Security consulting services to assist with your every need.

First-class training

Brookside Resources offers several SAP security courses. We offer an introductory course in the field of SAP security for clients who wish to educate their personnel on basic sap security concepts such as authorizations, segregation of duties, and transport processes. We also offer advanced courses in several Netweaver products.

Unparalleled security assessments

We offer security assessments for companies who wish to enrich their SAP security knowledge with best practices and areas of improvement. We closely examine your existing methodologies and standards and help you implement tactics, strategies, processes, and polices that will transform your organization.

Security for SAP Enterprise Mobility

Are you in need of SAP Security expertise for SAP Enterprise Mobility? Look no further. We are one of the few firms in the country that has experience designing and implementing SAP Security solutions for SAP Mobility.

“How does SAP Security work with Enterprise Mobility?” This is an all too familiar question we hear from clients implementing Enterprise Mobility. If you are looking for answers to this question or any of the questions below do not hesitate to contact us. We can help.

  • How is SAP business functionality authenticated on a mobile application?
  • Will users require SAP R/3 PFCG roles to access a mobile application?
  • How do RFC’s and Web Services work with Enterprise Mobility?
  • How does Active Directory access work within the Sybase Unwired Platform aka SUP?
  • How does SAP Security integrate with Mobile Device Management?
  • Do users require access to be provisioned in the demilitarized zone (DMZ) for Enterprise Mobility?

Security for SAP PLM

Brookside Resources is the industry leader in Security for the SAP Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) module. We understand the highly complex security model of the PLM product inside and out.

There are no organizations or individuals who fully understand SAP Security for the SAP PLM module like Brookside Resources, and here is why:

  • We architected all the security for the first global customers of SAP PLM and successfully went live with them.
  • We engineered out-of-the-box security solutions that work with SAP PLM.
  • We integrated security for customizations (custom development) specifically on the PLM module.

One of the most difficult aspects of implementing PLM is understanding your own needs as a client. Brookside Resources has a successful track record of helping clients from realization through go-live in the most difficult and complex SAP PLM implementations to date.

One very important aspect to keep in mind when implementing PLM is compliance. SAP PLM uses a complex new model of security called Access Control Management (ACM.) Do not let your organization falter because of improper architecture within your organization hierarchy mapping, or inadequate and unfitting approval processes.